Why Liverpool

The city is rich in history, architecture, and nightlife. It is the sixth most visited city in the UK. Liverpool has four universities located within the city and is home to 60,000 students. This all makes Liverpool’s real estate market incredibly strong and reliable. 


The property investment in Liverpool boasts some of the highest rental yields in the country, with six Liverpool postcodes making Totally Money’s list of the UK’s top 25 postcodes. Liverpool’s average yields, which are among the most impressive in the country, were on around 5.0%, comparable to London’s 3.0%.

High Demand 

Demand in Liverpool is high and is continuing to grow. Purchaser demand in Liverpool’s real estate market climbed 32% from the previous year to 2020, while the number of offers granted rose 77%. Liverpool’s rising house prices presents an exciting opportunity for investors. After Manchester and London, property owners ranked Liverpool as the third-best UK city to purchase a buy-to-let property in. 

Accessible prices 

The average properties price in Liverpool is £194,656, according to Rightmove. When compared to London, where the average home price is £734,698, Liverpool’s prices are much more accessible and they offer more scope for potential growth. 

Apartments make up most rental properties in the city and are a common choice for investors to buy. Additionally, rental rates have grown on average by 9.5% over the past year.

New developments in the area are in high demand as investors recognise that Liverpool is an exciting city with increasing popularity.  


Liverpool has experienced remarkable change and revitalisation over the last few decades. Some of the UK’s most enterprising infrastructural development will be executed in Liverpool over the coming ten years. For example, there has been a £1 billion investment into the harbor and surrounding infrastructure in Liverpool. This will allow Liverpool to benefit as it will have access to four of six of the most important shipping lanes in the world. The regeneration of Liverpool will attract more people and increase jobs, which all benefit Liverpools property market. 

In the investment circle Liverpool is acknowledged because of its high rental income, spectacular and expanding rental market, reasonable pricing, and projected capital growth. As an investor Liverpool is for sure worth considering. Please get in touch to find out more about how you can profit from investing in Liverpool. 

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